About Us

Following many years of having cultivated a considerable legal practice in the Courts of Law across the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, we have developed sophisticated advocacy skills and are possessed with the nuances associated with the handling of complex legal issues and disputes.

Maintaining the epitome of ethics and integrity, we continuously strive to achieve the very pinnacle of professional standards and our clients can rest assured that we will render our services to meet the most demanding challenges in and out of Court. We build long term relationships with our clients so that we can anticipate their needs and we work tirelessly to put ourselves in our client's shoes and develop a common sense of purpose with them. Our knowledge and experience across the full range of civil, regulatory and administrative matters uniquely positions us to advise clients on multi-faceted and complex crises arising in various and diverse contexts.

Whilst excelling in numerous areas of Law, we presently specialize in areas of Land Law, Public Law, Labour Law, IT Law and Intellectual Property Law. Other key areas in which we presently practice include Matrimonial Law, Immigration Law, Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Law (Delict), Real Estate Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution including Arbitration. We also presently advise on all manner of legal outsourcing matters and pride ourselves in the drafting of contracts and agreements to meet the needs of our clients.

Areas of Expertise

Land Law

Advice, Drafting of papers and legal representation in the Courts of Law

Public Law

Drafting of documents and legal representation in the Appellate Courts of Law, including Fundamental Rights applications and Writ applications.

Labour Law

Drafting of papers and documents, legal advice and legal representation in all relevant forums, including Courts of Law.

IT Law

Legal advice on all aspects and branches of IT Law and the reviewing of documents and agreements.

Criminal Law

Legal representation including representation at Police inquiries, drafting of Plaints and Complaints, legal advise and appearance at both original Courts and Appellate Courts.

Commercial and Contract Law

Legal advice, reviewing and scrutiny of all types of agreements, contracts and documents and legal representation in the Courts of Law.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Legal representation at all stages of mediation and arbitration at all relevant forums.

Intellectual Property Law

Scrutiny of documents, Legal advice and representation in the Courts of Law.


Drafting and execution of deeds, Power of Attorneys, Last Wills, Lease agreements, Condominium deeds and plans.

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